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Gir-valley team is committed to provide quality spices and seeds from Indian farms.

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We are your one-stop source for agricultural product like Spices, Peanuts (Raw and Dry Roasted) and other seeds. Located in Junagadh, the Saurastra Region in India, our manufacturing facilities are designed to partner with clients looking for authentic quality products and long-term collaboration.

We pride ourselves on sourcing agricultural product many years - as well as working with some of the most popular companies in the licensed trade, retail and food service around the world.

We are supplying Spices, Peanuts and other Seeds.,one-stop source for the best roasted peanuts and a leading manufacturer, processor and distributor focused on the nut, confection and snack food industry.

we are one-stop source because

Supplying Anything From Raw To Roasted Peanuts Kernel

Our company is responsible for supplying products in the form of raw peanuts kernel, roasted peanuts kernel, roasted blanched peanuts kernel, roasted blanched peanuts kernel splits and roasted granulated peanuts kernel.

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We are proud to be an

Exporter of Premium Quality Spices

We are working towards value creation for our client by providing them consistent high quality products.

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Gir-valley is supplying peanuts in various form like Raw, Roasted, Blanched, Splits and Flavored to her Indian customers.

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Spices & Seeds

With rich collection of Indian origin spices and seeds, Gir-valley is working as an active partner with her client from all over the world.

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Peanut Benefits

Fights Stomach Cancer

Poly-phenolic anti-oxidants are present in the peanuts in high concentrations

Source of protein

Peanuts contain vitamins, minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants and thus are rich energy sources


Peanuts contain mono-unsaturated fatty acids especially oleic acid that prevents coronary diseases.