About Us

Today, our product line includes Indian spices, Seeds and various form of peanuts.
About Us One-stop solution for oilseeds, Spice, Oil, and Oil cakes

A Small Company With A Big Vision - Now A Global Supplier Of Oilseeds, Spices, and Oil and Oil cakes

Gir-Valley is a company that offers a variety of agricultural product as seeds, spices, Edible Oil and Oil cake. What started as a small company with a big vision and tasty recipes has made us what we are today - one of the trustworthy food ingredient providers in the world with an extensive line of products.

Gir-Valley has been known as one of the best Agricultural Product companies in the world for ages.

Gir-valley is serving her international clients with a variety of Oilseeds and spices like Peanut, Cotton, coriander, Cumin, Fenugreek, Fennel, and sesame. In addition to that Gir-valley is also offering Oil cakes and Edible Oil of Peanut and Cotton seeds.

On top of that, we always strive to add new products to our product line. That is what our deliberation and testing facilities are mainly for - and how we are planning to fully innovate this marketplace.


Bound To Give You Prosperity & Confidence

The most frequently asked version of peanuts which is presence as ingredient in various food processing and direct eatable.

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Accepted and appreciated by many, we produce spices that are pure and perfectly blend. We are among the leading exporters of spices.

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India origin seeds are well known worldwide. Contributing our best to serve our international clients for their requirement for various seeds.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

“With integrity and honesty, Gir-Valley team is building long-term client relations by delivering high quality food products on time”

Our Vision

“With the strong action plan of value delivery to the world, we envision to be premier purveyor for food products while maintaining our principles”

Our Ethics

Your Comfort Is Our Priority


We have the best qualified people who believe in teamwork for the best.


Dedication and commitment are what drives us towards success.


We are known for consistently providing the best products in the market.


Integrity and honesty are the key values of our culture.


We constantly look for innovation and creativity to further improve our products.


We work efficiently to deliver quality products on time